Diablo 3 - An Overview

If you're looking for a great Blizzard game that's coming out, you will be happy with the new Diablo 3. The Diablo series has been one of the best RPG of its time and one of Blizzards best RPG's besides World of Warcraft. The company Blizzard upgraded Diablo 3 to the highest level of game play ever. With the new Diablo 3 you will experience new things like:

Diablo 3

-New classes
-Environments & dungeons
-New enemies

Let's explain some of these new elements of the game of Diablo 3.

New classes:
Let's start with the first class that was in Diablo 2, which would be the barbarian. The barbarian is one of the classes that use brute force for most of his attacks. In Diablo 3 the Barbarian has many attacks that slam, crushes and the mighty whirl attack like in the Diablo 2 barbarian. The barbarian is a class that's not easily taken out and works well with lots of enemies. The other class like the witch doctor is a good class that allows you to use spells like swarm and summon spells. They're very good with large amounts of enemies because of their swarm spell kills the enemy then goes on to the next enemy before disappearing. There will be more classes that you can be, but you will know them when it comes out.

The new dungeons system allows you to see new ways of using the environment to killing your enemies, which would be certain things like destroying the wall to buckle on top of the enemies. The enemies at times can be crawling on the walls and ambush you at any time. The environment of the dungeons brings you a lot closer to a new age of gaming for any RPG PC game. The trap system of the game can leave you some of the most deadly traps ever created in the diablo series.

The new enemies that you encounter through the game can leave you in a predicament death or finding a way to defeat the enemy. The enemy's new AI system allows the enemy to be a lot tougher on the player and leave you with the challenge you have been waiting for. The massive bosses in the Diablo 3 game bring you to large demons or monsters that can be hard to defeat. There are some monsters that can grab you and eat your head. This is good graphics that can leave you wanting more of the game.

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